Happy Endings

Here you can read stories by women who found themselves in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy. With help and guidance they were able to choose life for their baby and avoid the life shattering consequences of abortion. In some cases they may have walked out of an abortion clinic or the abortion was botched and the baby survived the abortion.

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Gianna's Story - Botched abortion survivor:

On a warm April morning in 1977, a 17 year old pregnant woman named Tina entered an abortion clinic in Los Angeles, California. The frightened teenager was 7½ months pregnant. Tina was given a saline injection, an abortion procedure that scalds and poisons the unborn child. It took hours for the injection to take effect. Finally, toward evening, after the abortionist had left for home, Tina's water broke and she went into labour. While waiting for the nurse to come, she reached down and felt a head. Then with her own hands, she delivered a bawling, wriggling baby. The abortion procedure had failed, and her little girl was born alive!

That little girl who survived the abortion is now over 30 years old. Her name is Gianna Jessen and here is her testimony:

Part One & Part Two