Happy Endings

Here you can read stories by women who found themselves in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy. With help and guidance they were able to choose life for their baby and avoid the life shattering consequences of abortion. In some cases they may have walked out of an abortion clinic or the abortion was botched and the baby survived the abortion.

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A young single mother found herself pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend. Struggling financially, she sought help from 2 teachers who have her money to go to the abortion clinic. The story doesn’t end there. To find out what happened, read Angela’s account below:

Angela's Story

"Tim, I think I'm pregnant." It was New Year's Eve. My boyfriend sighed deeply, his gaze remaining fixed on the TV. He then muttered something that made me feel already deserted. I felt a sour lump in the back of my throat. Yes, I was pregnant, and I was scared!

I knew from firsthand experience how tough it is raising a child as a single mother. I already had a 2-year old daughter, Jennifer, from an earlier unsuccessful marriage. When my pregnancy was confirmed, Tim's non-com- mittal response to my distress and his move to Chicago, 400 miles away, left me despondent and convinced that abortion was the "easy way out." I was already struggling financially with one child. How could I raise two?

I felt desperately alone. I often cried myself to sleep. I decided to confide in a couple of college professors who collected money to fly me out of town to have an abortion. Now I was obligated to go through with it. Still, I agonized!

I was summoned to the room where the abortions are performed. I could hear a woman sobbing hysterically in the recovery room. That memory haunts me still.

As the doctor was examining me, prior to performing the abortion, he suddenly stopped and said to the nurse, "Get her out of here! She's too far along!" Relief instantly washed over me! How odd! I had thought I want- ed an abortion but now felt instantly relieved to know I was still pregnant.

I decided to use every ounce of courage I could muster to deal with my pregnancy. My ambivalence turned into love for my unborn daughter, Melanie.

It took energy and creativity to support the three of us.

During the first year of Melanie's life, she attended classes with me. When my daughters were preschool age and in daycare, I obtained a job as bookkeeper for the daycare center they attended. If they needed a hug, they could come into my office and get one. Other means of support included: Renting rooms to students; teaching evening classes at the community college; and operating a typing business out of the dining room of my student housing which, again, enabled me to be with my children while working.

My two daughters inspired me to do great things. They never stood in the way of my career. I finished my degree; then I went on to get my Master's and Ph.D. Besides being a proud mother, I am happily married, a published author, a motivational speaker, and a part-time musician.

When we endure something tough, our character and self-esteem are strengthened. Many women who have confessed to me that they've had abortions have discovered that the "easy way out" is just an illusion. Some are in abusive relationships. Some are on anti-depressants. Others just seem detached from life. Some sadly remember their aborted child's "would be" birthday each year.

I cannot promise that it will be easy. I can only promise that the anguish will pass and there are people who will help you through this trying time. One day you will look back on the birth of your child, and know that you did the right thing.
Dr. Angela Woodhull