Procedures in Abortion Clinics

What happens in an Abortion Clinic?

When you enter the abortion clinic, you will first fill out a health form. You will then be led to a room where you will remove your clothes and put on an examination gown.

Remember that your choice has not been made yet, and that it is not in the interests of the clinic to give you space to think about it. Even after the laminaria has been inserted, you are free to choose not to go forward with the abortion.

The experience of many women in the abortion clinic has been that very few words are exchanged. What is about to occur is persistently called "the procedure." The clinic will provide "counselling," which will generally consist of telling you to use contraception in the future and handing you a pack of birth control pills.

The clinic staff will tell you that "instruments" will be inserted in your womb and the contents will be "gently suctioned out." What they may not mention is that this is a knife which cuts the baby into manageable pieces, while the "gentle suction" is performed by a vacuum of 29 times the power of your household vacuum; powerful enough to tear apart a small human being so that his parts can fit through a tiny opening; powerful enough that in a few recorded cases a momentary distraction on the part of the physician has allowed several feet of intestine to be ripped out in moments.

It is common for women to feel scared and pressured during this experience. Women have reported being ignored or treated like "a slab of meat." Others have called the experience "nerve racking" and confusing. Although counselling must be provided in the clinic, it is generally focussed on contraception options for the future, and very rarely suggests alternative or provides a moment to consider the choice being made. Remember that the choice is yours and that you can change your mind.

What women have felt inside the clinic:

Not one word was exchanged between the nurse, the doctor and myself while I was having this procedure done. The nurse and the doctor were caring on a conversation about a child having a barmitzpha. I was treated like a slab of meat and it was like I was not even present in that room.
It was nerve racking. After checking in, they gave me a booklet to read on pregnancy and fetal development and a paper to sign saying that I had been given the materials. I signed it and threw the booklet away without even opening it up. I was scared and nervous and didn't think that I could read anything at the moment. Next came blood work, an ultrasound that I wasn’t allowed to see, and payment for services. I then waited in a room full of other scared, young girls. When I went back, I was given an IV and was knocked out. I woke up a mere 30 minutes later and was sent along my merry way with a pack of birth control pills, a prescription, and a note saying that I had to come back in a couple of weeks for a re-check.
I had blood tests, yet another ultrasound, and the "obligatory counselling" during which we only talked about what kind of birth control options there were for me.

I felt so alone. I denied to myself what I was going to do all the way up to the day of the procedure. All I kept thinking of was being in this room full of women doing the same thing I was, and I felt so alone. The doctors were in such a rush to get things done, and everyone was so robotic. I was in the room where they did the ultrasound and I keep telling myself I should have left as soon as I saw the picture, but I didnt. I was so numb during the whole thing, I cant really remember any other feelings. I remember sitting in the waiting room when they called my name and I took this deep breath, and told my baby goodbye, and prayed that he/she would forgive me for what I was about to do. The pain was horrible, and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery- room, not knowing how I got there, all I could do was cry. I felt so empty.