An abortion story from Winnipeg

By - Anonymous

My Story:
I knew i was pregnant by the end of December, 2007. I was 16 Years old and Pregnant. Even after i was on Yasmine and Condoms, it happened to me. Just that couple times my abusive Ex told me that since im on the pill, we don’t need condoms. And i Believed him like a moron. We discussed before what would happen if I got pregnant. That we'd Choose to Parent and NOTHING ELSE. But When i Walked back from Teen Clinic, on a thursday night with a due date... It shattered both of our lives. He said don’t worry about it, you do what you want to do. And I’ll just simply drop out of school. If you keep the baby I’ll have to drop out on my last semester of High School. I’ll disappoint everyone around me to make you happy. I’ll quit on all my dreams to make yours come true. Of course it turned into arguing since he blamed me for getting pregnant. Then threw on the 'are you sure its mine' B.S. That was what threw me over the edge. I’m pregnant with your Child, and you don’t want to take responsibility, you don’t want me anymore, and of course now you say its someone else'. So of course after intense arguing and convincing, and fault finding on his part, I made an appointment. It was 2 weeks away. I cried and argued every night with him. He’s just telling me JUST DO IT! and all will be fine. We won’t have this problem anymore. So the day comes and he picks me up 6 am. He drives me to the hospital and makes sure that I’m in the place I’m supposed to be. Even though I’m shaking and completely scared. I know it’s my choice, i said in my head. But I’m just going to dump him right after. i wont have to deal with him... and the thoughts of me running out of the clinic was there. But i kept thinking about the laminara tent. It was too late i thought.

So i get to the clinic and the hook me up to an IV with pain meds and what not. I have a gown on and they make like 6 girls wait in the room at a time. We all had that dead look in our eyes, it was despair and fear and pain all together. So I still wanted to run out of there and save my baby. But i couldn’t do it. I was drugged to the point i no longer had control of my legs with in 5 minutes of having an IV inserted. and after all of that. I blacked out pretty much. I have memory of the doctor and me trying to close me legs, and the pain and crying sooo much. But i don’t know what’s real and what’s not with that memory, it was just a haze. So after i start waking up, the nurse comes in and tells me to get dressed. She hands me my clothing and gives me instructions on the after care, and gives me a Depo Provera injection with out my consent. I felt so hopeless and empty at that point. i wanted to cry, but i wanted to be strong in front of my abusive boyfriend. I didnt want him to know that I’m in pain or hurt. I simply walked out and he drove me to school. I had a note for gym class and that was it. That was one of the worst experiences in my life. I didn’t recover well emotionally or physically. I Became suicidal shortly after because i couldn’t live with what I’ve done. My daughter was murdered with my permission. And my ex forced himself on me right after. He wouldn’t leave me alone, and he wouldn’t accept a breakup. He was going to commit suicide if i left him. I didn’t want 2 dead people being blamed on me. I was young and naive. It happened to me, and I’ve never recovered. I’m an alcoholic, sex addict, and anorexic. The abortion made all my self worth issues greater. I became an even worse version of my self. Please consider Adoption for your own well being.

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