Ottawa Abortion Clinic Story

By: Name withheld by request

My Story:

I was 20, leading an unhealthy lifestyle filled with drugs, in early 2013. I became pregnant. I thought right away I needed an abortion. But if I knew I could get one easily and if abortion really isn't a big deal, then why was I miserable and destroyed? I wasn't scared of the procedure. I walked in and the man at the front desk told me "Don't worry, they do this all day" and then he winked at me. Signed papers, meet with the "counselors" who didn't talk about alternatives, didn't question why I wanted an abortion (it would have helped because I was so lost) and who only rapidly went over the risks.

There I was, legs spread open, high as hell off fentanyl. The nurse was beside me holding my hand but it felt so fake. I asked her what was the medication and she said it was for my comfort because "We're the kind people". The other nurse helping the Dr. looked very strung out. The following weeks, I wasn't OK. I was describing the procedure to everyone, acting like it was cool. Little did I know, or was a defense mechanism against something that deeply affected me. I lost a part of me.

I now know that abortion is not OK, that it hurts EVERYONE. I'm now 26 and in my second year of college, I would have had time to have the kid. But instead, I killed a life, traumatized myself and others around me.

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