Abortion Clinic Story - Edmonton

City of Abortion Clinic/Hospital: Edmonton

By: Name withheld by request

My story begins when my husband left me. He came over on his birthday and we got intimate, about 2 weeks later he asked me if I was pregnant. And yes i went to doctor and yes i was pregnant! :) that made me the happiest woman in the world! But my husband, as he was said for me to get an abortion. I told him no, the baby was a miracle for us but he still insisted to get it done.

I thought in my heart and soul he would love the thought of becoming a daddy! But his father convinced him that it wasn't right. Our marriage was over!

My husband was considering coming back and giving our marriage a chance but to no avail he did not. He started to use the baby as a weapon against me and the baby was a miracle. SO then i considered giving the baby up for adoption as my husband did not want the baby. Let me say this my husband is younger than I, we were together for 17 years.

I got pregnant for a very special reason. I believe that God gave us this baby for us to get back and realize how much we love each other. But then my husband spoke to a lawyer and started to say very mean and nasty things to me and about the baby. Needless to say i was very hurt for obvious reasons. It was my last chance to have a baby. I have a wonderful son from a previous marriage and he was very excited about the baby as well! But he couldn't believe that my husband, my sons' best friend was saying and doing these things.

So i had to adoption papers, I had even considered a very nice couple that have been trying to have a baby for years. Our baby would have a good loving home and wonderful life. i have known the couple for 5 years and each time they thought they were pregnant or even had an adoption, their world was shattered once again. So when I discussed the option of them adopting our baby they were so ecstatic and happy. But then my husband had to sign the papers as well but he wouldn't. Another earth shattering devastation. I had very desperately considered to keep and raise tour baby my self but a single parent and I just lost my job and my husband swore at me and physically hurt me to "get rid of that thing!" he said. We were hurt once again!

i dod not want or our baby did not need to be raised in that situation a all. Needless to say he still would not sign! He told me to have an abortion or he would make our lives a living hell! I pleaded with him as I do not believe in abortion for that reason at all! Well as horrible as I felt and devastated as my son and I were, I went and had the abortion.

Now I am living with this pain and hurt for our baby as long as I live! Later on a few months after the abortion, my husband came to me crying about it. I did not let him in or talk to him. i have not ever in my life felt so bad about something in my life. To think I could've been a mother again to our baby. The baby was a girl! I don't know and I am not sure how to deal with this and will I ever get over this?

I told my husband when I was having the abortion and the location. I thought for sure he would be there to see the proof which he wanted. But he did not show up as he said he was busy. My son came and comforted me through it all!

Now it has been 8 months since my husband and I have been separated and he still brings up the fact that I had an abortion. I don't even talk to him. He filed for divorce after that but it was thrown out of the system at the Alberta courts.

I have to live with taking a sister away from my son but my husband has to live with his evil request.

I am very sorry for what I did but i believe that if I did not he would be using the bay as a weapon against to take her away from me.

I had the abortion in February 2011. Oh my i am still hurting very much about it. I feel like a criminal.

What I am saying is if anyone has a situation like that don't listen to that person at all. Listen to your heart as the child that you are pregnant with is a miracle and is there for a reason. I believe it happened to us because of our love for each other. But I still wonder why it happened when we were separated????

Well that is my story and I won't ever get over what I did for him!

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