Abortion Clinic Story - Mumbai

City of Abortion Clinic/Hospital: Mumbai
By - Name withheld by request.

My Story:
I had abortion twice.after 6 months of marriage i conceived and my husband does not want that. I was not happy with his decision. He knew it very well. Still, he was very firm with his decision and without any delay i ha medical abortion followed by clinical abortion which is followed by seviour infection and that continued for several day. In all this my husband has only one thing in his mind that how to get rid of that unwanted pregnancy. He never ever tried to know about my condition. After abortion his problem was solved. After that my life got changed. i was not able to make myself happy. i cannot share it with anybody because my husband didn't allow me and also he had no time and interest in knowing my condition. But anyhow i handle my emotions but something got changed in me. And after 6 months again i conceived. Again he was not happy. God knows, after taking all the precautions why it happened to me. But again he does not have any feeling for that baby. It was just an unwanted pregnancy. But i decided to continue with it. Even i asked him and his reply was so heart broken. Same day i got a job offer from a very good company. I know my husband very well and for him money is everything. He was neutral. with this news. And all winded up with one more abortion. But now everything got changed, This time i didn't have that much strength to handle my emotions. i just started hating myself. i lost interest of doing anything. i was very talkative. But now i don't want to talk to anybody. i have so much of anger for my husband. Its been more then one year for second abortion. But the pain is increasing day by day. he left me alone to manage my condition. No one was with me to share my pain. Last one was the worst time of my life. we fought for any silly reason. No doubt i starts fight because i whatever he does i don't like it. Now i don't wand child. i am scared of getting pregnant. My husband is not very good with me and try to convince me that he realized his mistake. But the thing is that he needs baby now and i am not. and now this time i refused to follow his orders. He became very good with me. But shortly i came to know that this all it to convince me to conceive. Again fights are started. he thinks that it is my stubbornness that i don't want it. But frankly speaking i am scared of getting pregnant. i feel suffocating when i find child around me. i try to keep me away from the places where kids are playing. i want to come out from this situation. but now i feel like killing myself.

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