Abortion Clinic Story - Montreal

My story:
I'm typing this and crying, I feel so hurt inside of thinking of aborting my baby because I had plans for my future. I'm in my 30s, married with 2 kids and this baby that I'm carrying is not part of my plans. I found out I was pregnant for the 5th time. I had 2 abortions during my late teens years and the thought of abortion after having 2 live births is causing me so much pain right now. How can I be so selfish? I cannot deny my unborn child with my selfishness like I've done in the past. I hope God with forgive me for all my sins and I hope that I can go forward and be a responsible mother to my unborn child. Keeping and not keeping this baby has been in my mind in the past days, one day I'm decided of keeping the next day I was thinking of abortion because of selfishness. I thank you all for writing your stories and now I can relate to all of you. Thank you for giving me a third chance to make things right and I will definitely keep this baby, no matter what lies ahead! Thank you for the enlightment I was missing for the past days.....I wish that anyone who reads these stories really see that your child is a LIFE since day 1 please give them a chance to see what LIFE is in store for them.

Name withheld by request.

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