Abortion Methods

Most Canadian abortions are surgical.

A surgical abortion starts with the artificial dilation of the cervix. There are two alternatives to accomplish this. In the first it is forced open with the use of progressively larger tapered dilators. In hospitals and for later abortions in clinics, laminaria tents are used. These are pieces of seaweed that are put into the cervix and swell by absorbing water.

VSC: Vacuum Suction Curettage (or DVC: Dilation and Vacuum Curettage)

Suction Abortion Picture
Suction Abortion
A suction curette is inserted into the woman’s womb. This is a knife-edged tube which cuts the baby to small pieces then by means of a powerful vacuum the torn body parts are sucked out through a tube and into a bottle. This is done up to 14 weeks in most hospitals and up to 20 weeks in some clinics in Canada.

MVA: Manual Vacuum Aspiration:
This method is similar to Suction Curettage, but it is only done up to around 8 to 9 weeks in clinics. The baby is sucked out by a large syringe.

Chemical Abortion Picture
Chemical Abortion

M&M: Methotrexate and Misoprostol
Non-surgical abortions in Canada are generally Methotrexate and Misopropyl abortions. Methrotrexate is usually an injection rather than a pill. It stops the cells from reproducing, effectively poisoning the baby’s metabolism. Because the baby occasionally survives this (with a high risk of extreme deformities), Misopropyl tablets are put into the vagina after three days. These cause the uterus to contract artificially. These violent contractions cause the baby to be expelled from the womb, sometimes even decapitating her.

D&E: Dilation and Evacuation (Partial Birth Abortion)

D & E Abortion Picture
Dilation & Evacuation Abortion
This method is used up to 18 weeks. This abortion method is used at a later stage in the baby’s development. Because of the baby’s advanced size and development, the doctor uses a pair of forceps to grab the baby’s head. As he cuts away the placenta, the doctor uses forceps with teeth to grasp body parts, to separate them from the body with a twisting movement, and to crush the skull. The body parts and placenta are removed.

D & C – Dilation & Curettage

D & C Abortion Picture
D & C Abortion
D & C – Dilation & Curettage – After the cervix is dilated, the baby is dismembered with a loop-shaped knife and the body parts are scraped out of the womb through the cervix.

Partial Birth Abortion
This method is for the latest stages of pregnancy. Forceps are inserted into the womb through the cervix. With the aid of ultrasound, the abortionist grasps a leg and pulls the baby out of the womb feet first, all except for its head. Holding the head in the birth canal, scissors are forced into the base of the skull and opened, making a hole large enough to insert a suction catheter. The brains are sucked out, collapsing the skull. The dead baby is delivered.

Saline Injection

Saline Injection Abortion Picture
Saline Injection Abortion

Generally used after 16 weeks, Saline abortions involve the injection of a salt solution strong enough to burn and poison the baby. The solution both poisons the baby and burns off the skin. The child is born within the next couple of days, either dead or dying. If born alive, the child is often left to die.