City of Abortion Clinic/Hospital: Sudbury, ON

By - Anonymous

My Story:
Well... This story does not involve a happy ending it involves a lot of emotional and mental pain. I had found out that I was pregnant and didn't know what to do because I was already a single mom to a boy and didn't want to become a single mom for a second time. I regret ever letting my boyfriend talk me into getting an abortion, but I learned from this experience and hope that other will make the right decision!! Well the big day came, I had to fast and I was starving and we got in the car and headed to the city which is about a 40 minute drive and the whole way there I was quiet.. My thought of what I was going to do is wrong over flowed my mind! Finally we get to the big hospital and I felt even more nervous, I registered and got dressed in a hospital gown and put a hair cap on and I waited awhile until I was called into the surgery waiting room and I went and talked to the Doctor who was going to perform the abortion. I went into the surgery room and laid down on the bed and another surgeon came in and gave me a anesthetic to make me groggy and I was so tense that he couldn't even put the iv in me. I felt the medicine kicking in and I was feeling really out of it and then I could hear this suction noise and feel the doctor putting the suction up me. I could hear and feel everything, It was scary having a few strangers do this to me and the whole time I wanted to sit up and tell them to stop what they were doing and just run away.. Finally it was all over and they wheeled me into recovery and that's when the physical pain started, I kept crying because I felt so awful at what I've done and the contractions and cramps got worse and the nurse told me to stop crying and gave me medicine! I was the only girl who was crying in the recovery room and the rest seemed happy and relieved but I wasn't! I hope that woman will make the right decision and go with what is in their heart and not let others pressure them into doing something such as an abortion!

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