Montreal Abortion Clinic Story

Emily’s world came crashing down when she found out that she was pregnant. Emily and her fiancé Rick were both terrified and didn’t know what to do. They had a sparkling future in front of them, but this pregnancy put all their plans in jeopardy. They both decided that an abortion would be the best option for them. Emily wasn’t very comfortable with the idea, but she didn’t really know much about abortions. The drive to the abortion clinic was very quiet as both were very uncertain and scared. Rick helped Emily out of the car. Her legs were wobbly, and she felt sick. Rick and Emily were greeted by other scared, sad looking people in the waiting room. After finishing with the forms, Emily was brought into the observation room, while Rick paced the waiting room. Emily felt the lump in her throat grow as the nurses showed her the picture from the ultrasound. The nurse could see that Emily was becoming agitated and uncomfortable so she was given Ativan. After putting on the hospital gown, Emily was brought into the next room – the room. As Emily got onto the table she began to softly cry. The nurses and doctor began to work at a frantic pace to get the procedure over with. By the time the drugs had down their damage, Emily was sobbing uncontrollably. Rick tried to console her as they drove home, but Emily was inconsolable. The weeks that followed were agonizing. Emily was plagued with haemorrhage, and fever; she could not stop crying either. Nights were the worst for Emily – she was terrorized by nightmares. The emotional toll grew as Emily was eventually hospitalized after a severe depression. Emily had lost the will to live – she wanted the hurt to go away, and she could not stop thinking about death. Rick developed ulcers, started getting panic attacks, and blamed himself for everything.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel, though recovery took years. Emily tells women who are considering an abortion "If I could have seen into the future, I would have never done it. It ruined my entire life, and nearly killed me. I had no idea."

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