Abortion Clinic Story - Edmonton

City of Abortion Clinic/Hospital: Edmonton. Royal Alex Hospital

By: Name withheld by request

My Story:

Back in 1997 I was dating a girl (for 2 years) and she became pregnant. I'd like to pass all the blame to my girlfriend for the choice to have an abortion but I in the end agreed to it as well.

I will never forget the day that she went into the clinic and I remember thinking I should rush to the clinic and stop this from happening...but I didn't. The phone call that I got after it was done saying it was complete was the worst moment of my life. I was at work and I fell to the floor in tears.

My girlfriend was scared that her Catholic family would disown her from having a child and not being married...and for some reason, having an abortion seemed acceptible to them? I guess after all their lives weren't any different but the appearance of being "Holy" was definitely upheld. Im 35 years old now. Im married and I have three young children. I became a Christian in 2000 and am now a Pastor. I guess the one thing that I would like to communicate and the reason that I chose to write on here today would be to say, please think this decision through...please. This decision to support abortion was the biggest mistake of my life and if I could ever go back and re-decide, I would. It's something that I have never fully come to terms with and in a way, still battle shame from this experience. I know that I'm forgiven by God but I also know that my decision was the wrong one and wasnt God's choice or will. I believe it is murder and I aknowledge that I am guilty. I found this site because I am considering seeking some professional counseling. I can't believe that after all these years and despite being a very happily married man who absolutely loves & dodes on his three children and being a man of Faith that this experience still breaks my heart.

I thank God that he is full of mercy and grace and that he loves us even when we mess up...I cried out to him and asked for forgiveness. Ive received it but haven't completely forgiven myself.

Please, please re-think this decision. There's so many more options today and I encourage you to look into those options. This wont be forgotten and your child is alive! You are a Mother (or Father) from the moment you find out you are expecting...after all you are caring for your child from that moment on.

I look at my 3 kids now and I'm so grateful for the second chance to have a family and experience this amazing gift. I try my best today to be a Man of integrity and I cherish every moment I get with my children. Ilove them so much...it just makes me think how much Im would have loved one more.

I in no way write this to condemn anyone or call you out. I just plead with you to consider all possible options. Your child was created with a destiny and a future. Let them be adopted by a loving family.please, choose life!

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