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Abortion Stories

Read first hand accounts of abortion stories: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Brampton, Other Stories, Alberta, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Edmonton, Edmonton, St. Catharines, Mumbai, Edmonton, Ottawa.

Procedures In Abortion Clinics

Girl In Waiting Room Read how you may be treated in an abortion clinic

What the reporter(s) saw...

Need Help?

We Can Help Find a crisis pregnancy centre with caring people waiting to help you or call the national helpline at 1-800-665-0570.

How Is Abortion Performed?

Doctor in Surgery Caution - Graphic pictures -- Several abortion methods disclosed with deadly consequences more

Are There Risks?

Are There Risks? Abortion often comes with after-effects: Physical and Emotional

Read the Recent statistical findings.
Read the Recent Manitoba study.

Is It Really A Baby?

Is it a baby? View an actual ultra-sound image of a baby moving in the womb! click here for more

Happy Endings

Read about women in crisis who went on to have their babies and babies that survived abortion! more

Abortion Workers

Looking for a way out? more

Find out the facts about
the Abortion Pill. Click here.

Your Stories

Students Talking Have an experience in an abortion clinic you want to share?

Hurting After Abortion?

We Regret Our Abortions Help is available for those suffering from the after-effects of abortion.