Ministry for Abortion Clinic workers launched

There are thousands of agencies and ministries helping pregnant and post-abortive women, but there has never been an outreach for abortion clinic workers who want to get out. Until now. The official launch of "And Then There Were None" was announced by former abortion clinic director Abby Johnson on June 11, 2012 during a world-wide webcast with close to 6500 people tuned in.

If anyone understands how workers in abortion clinics feel, it's Abby. Having worked in a Houston clinic for 8 years before quitting her job, Abby knows what it's like to feel trapped and afraid. One of her clinic supervisors told her that working in the abortion industry leaves a black mark on your resume. "People want to get out. But they don't know where to go," she said during the webcast.

"And Then There Were None" is designed to help abortion clinic workers find recovery and healing, and to network with other former clinic workers, the only people who can truly understand what they've experienced. The ministry assists the workers by providing financial and legal support where needed and helping them find a new job. Abby says, "It will also give them emotional and spiritual support because these workers have seen a lot of horrible things in the abortion clinics."

Abby left her abortion clinic job after witnessing the abortion of a 13 week unborn baby on ultrasound. "I was afraid when I left, but I knew I had the support of the pro-life movement (40 Days for Life)." Others are being inspired to leave after hearing Abby's story. In the four months prior to the launch of "And Then There Were None," 17 abortion clinic workers were able to transition out of the abortion industry. "We are doing this to bring transformation to people's hearts" said Abby. "I hear the joy in their voices when they leave that industry of evil!"

There are 659 abortion clinics in the United States and approximately 25 abortion clinics in Canada with an average of 10 workers per clinic.

If you or someone you know wants to leave the abortion industry, free confidential help is available to anyone in North America. Visit to receive guidance and assistance through your transition out of the abortion industry -every step of the way.